ABOUT Swapitor

The Purpose Behind Swapitor

Swapitor was formed because of our joint vision of making investing knowledge accessible to every interested learner. We have partnered with investment education firms to ensure that users can freely access them and begin their knowledge acquisition journey.

Explaining The Rationale For Our Free Services

Swapitor provides free services because of our mission to achieve inclusivity. We noticed that many could not access investment education firms due to their financial status. Therefore, we have democratized access to investment educators for free, enabling individuals worldwide to acquire financial literacy.

The Reasons Swapitor Does Not Teach Investing

Swapitor does not teach investing or offer educational services because we have a different mission in the investment education space. Our role in the investing sphere is to serve as a connector, not an investment learning institute.

The Significance of Acquiring Education Before Investing

Swapitor believes that when individuals employ an education-first approach to investing, the knowledge of the financial markets guides them when making decisions. When users prioritize education, they can make informed decisions that align with their objectives.

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Unveiling Our Objectives For The Long-term

Swapitor plans to partner with more investment education firms to increase our reach to individuals worldwide. We want to be known as a beacon in investment education that steers people toward learning more about investing and the financial markets.

Our channel reflects our intentions to satisfy every user who wants to register for investment education. With our solution, users can sign up on their preferred devices and begin their investment education journey from their location.

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